21 May - 27 July, 2012

University of Arkansas Rome Center / Parco Naturale Regionale dei Monti Simbruini / Louisiana State University / VIAE



University of Arkansas Rome Center / Parco Naturale Regionale dei Monti Simbruini / Louisiana State University / VIAE

ECOWEEK 2012 : Urban FOOTPRINT + Affordable COMMUNITIES + Green DESIGN, International Conference & Workshops for Architecture & Design for Young Architects, Designers, Landscape Architects and graduate students

Keynote speaker: KENGO KUMA, Architec, Japan 


In Rome, for the second time in Italy, ECOWEEK brings together the best among ecologically minded-architects, designers, landscape architects, young professionals, and graduate students, in a week of creative thinking 'out of the box', cooperation, dialogue, intercultural exchange, networking, hard work and lots of fun!
ECOWEEK 2012 is a great opportunity for young professionals to share ideas about 'green' buildings and 'green' urban planning, to hear and meet other professionals, some of whom are the best architects in the field, to learn from the experts in the field, to train and gain experience in how to think, plan and design 'green' within existing cities and communities. 
The ECOWEEK workshops aim to address REAL issues, in REAL sites, aiming to give the opportunity to young professinals to get a 'taste of the real world' and how 'green' Design and Ecological Buildings can make a difference in the city, in the neighborhoods, and in the communities.


Fall 2011 - spring 2012

University of Arkansas Rome Center

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Fall 2012

University of Arkansas Rome Center


Beginning from the theoretical framework inspiring Giovanni Battista Piranesi’s work on Campo Marzio, the first project of the semester will focus on the analysis of Campo Marzio and it will be an interdisciplinary effort between the students attending the Fall 2012 Semester in the Architecture and Fashion Design Programs at UARC.

Subdivided in 7 groups, the students will explore the whole area and each group will focus on a specific urban space within Campo Marzio. Each Team will provide a critical interpretation of the assigned area through sketches, drawings, collage and multi-media techniques.

The final work, in form of a collage, plus analytical drawings, sketches and multi-media presentations, will synthesize this two-week project, exploring means for representing the city, capturing its dynamic quality, its spatial characteristics and its organizational logic.

We will look at the spaces that structure the urban form of Campo Marzio and we will focus specifically on the sequences experienced by the people inhabiting these spaces.

How does the architectonic language of the public urban space (the ground, the piazza, the facades of the adjacent buildings) contribute to your visual experience?


The task will be to develop a layered study, an analytique-plus-collage, that carefully examines the designed experience of the following:

- spatial rhythms (pace, meter, objects within    field)

- movement in space

- scale changes and enclosure (sensorial shifts, microclimates)

- views (perspectival relationships)

- topography and surface

- materials, paving, facades

- edges and alignments (the procession within the larger fabric)

- discrete and continuous moments (intentional and emergent, unintentional)


The seven sites that will be analyzed within the larger area of Campo Marzio are:

1. Piazza Augusto Imperatore

2. Piazza di Spagna

3. Piazza della Rotonda 

4. Piazza Colonna

5. Piazza Farnese

6. Piazza Navona

7. Piazza del Popolo

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