Business & Economics

Business Law I

Lecture, class discussion and case problems emphasizing legal principles on the following topics: the legal environment, government regulation of business, contracts, personal property, environmental liability as it relates to business transactions, bankruptcy, employment and human resources, and current legal issues, to include the legal environment as it impacts business decision making. Finally, business ethics is addressed throughout the course both in lecture format and live and online interactive student engagement.


Consumer Behavior

This course provides comprehensive understanding of the many dimensions of consumer behavior and the contributions of behaviors science to this discipline. The focus will be on marketing strategy implications.


Financial Management

This is an introductory level finance course that will examine the role of the financial decision-maker at the corporate level. The emphasis will be on the goal of the firm, the efficient market hypothesis, discounted cash flow analysis, and the trade-off between risk and return.


Marketing Communications

This course examines the vital role of advertising and marketing communications in the development of marketing strategy. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is emphasized as students explore the use of direct marketing, sales promotions, public relations, print and broadcast media, Internet marketing, etc. to enhance brand equity. The strategy and planning involved in the development of integrated campaigns is emphasized.


Operations Management

This course is a comprehensive survey of production and service operations management, topics and functions. Topics include methods and work measurement, materials management, plant location and layout, production planning and control, maintenance, quality control, “Total Quality,” Japanese management styles, “Systems Approach” and decision tools such as PERT, linear programming, queuing theory, sampling and simulation. Service-delivery applications and activities are also highlighted.


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