The spacious UARC studios are located in multiple areas inside Palazzo Tavernas and include design and humanities studios, classrooms / AV rooms, a library, faculty and staff offices, a students' area, as well as computer labs. 
The computer labs operate on a Windows network with PCs and a wireless network. An internet connection through an HDSL / wifi line offers access to the web. We highly recommend that you bring your own laptop for your independence. We also have laser printers, a plotter and scanners (A3 and A4). We usually hold a computer information session during orientation week to give students a general overview of the system.
Here's a short description of each one.



Main Hall, Library, Projection Room, Students' Area

yellow rec area.jpg
yellow rec area.jpg

The Empire Wing on the first floor comprises the main offices (including the Student services coordinator's one), the Library, the Students' Area, the Projection Room and the beautiful Main hall.

This part of the UARC is dedicated to courses, projections and conferences. In the Students' Area, equipped with vending machines, a fridge and microwaves, students can socialize, buy coffee, have a snack, or eat lunch.


The library is a hospitable space where students can consult books, magazines and rare publications, or simply take a break from study.
Each book is cataloged with the LoC (Library of Congress) number, and with an alternative method when needed (for example, when the LoC is not available, we have a ISBN cataloging).
Every workstation has its own lamp, and is provided with sockets. Students can bring their own tablets, or use the library computer.



Fashion Centre facilities

The fashion centre facilities are on the ground floor of Palazzo Taverna. There is a studio, a computer lab and a sewing room. The access through the entrance hall offers a relaxing area. Fashion students can use printers, photocopiers and scanners.
The fashion centre has its own wifi connection, as well as toilets. 

Gabrielli 1 studio

The Gabrielli studio, on the ground floor of Palazzo Taverna, is used mostly for practical activities. It is set up to allow students to work on their projects with all the space they need, including printers, plotters, cutting areas and stationery materials.
The studio has meeting rooms, three large studios, toilets and a relaxation area.

Gabrielli 2 studio

The facilities are an additional great area for students to work on their projects and use printers and plotters.
The original space has been renewed, it's bright and well organized, and students can arrange their workstation to suit their needs.