Some tips to have a nice stay

Living in Rome

What kind of clothes should I bring with me to Italy?

Should I get an International Student Discount Card?

How do I get in touch with people at home?

What are my transportation options around the town?

What type of power or electric converters do I need to bring or buy in Rome?

Parcels, mail and money

How do I access money?

To which address should parents and friends in the States send me things?

How do I send parcels to the States?

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Some main information you may need to apply for our program

Approaching UARC Program

Where can I find information about the Rome Center?

How do I apply for the program?

What happens during orientation week?

What does the Rome semester architectural design project entail?

Student Life

What are the advantages of studying abroad, and specifically in Rome?

Which architecture or art supplies do I need to bring to Rome?

Should I bring a laptop?

When is the best time to travel?

Can I go traveling during the orientation week?

Can I leave luggage at the Rome Center while I travel?

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University of

Arkansas Rome Center


in Palazzo Taverna

Via di Monte Giordano, 36 - 00186 Rome

phone: (++39) 06.6833.298

fax: (++39) 06.6833.298


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