Looking for an amazing study abroad experience? We here at UARC cannot wait to meet you and we are sure you will have the time of your life studying in one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities of Europe.


We often get questions regarding the type of housing we offer here in Rome and we would like to take a moment to address this topic.

We use apartment not dorm housing and place between four and six students per apartment. This is a full immersion program (for scholars of Italian this is the only way to go), so your neighbors will be Italian families who usually own their apartments. To this end we ask you to kindly keep the noise down after 11pm as families will be trying to sleep. The apartments have been renovated for the purpose of catering to students.


There are some things which may or may not differ from your life in America, for example:

  • The wifi is not broadband and if you have 6 students with 3 devices connected simultaneously, the speed and your ability to download may be affected.

  • Kitchens usually have a gas stove. We will show you have to use the stove, but you will need to turn the gas off after using it for safety reasons.

  • Limited hot water availability may require you to organize a roster for showering.

  • Living in a large city there is a lot more ambient noise and it may take you a week or so to adjust, especially if you are coming from a small University town.


Upon your arrival, we will supply you with a 24hr helpline number dedicated solely to your housing needs, and a team of dedicated staff who are readily available to answer any questions or come over to fix any problem.

The University of Arkansas Rome Center (UARC) has an agreement with the housing agency YPR.

For those who may be interested, you can click on the link above, or read the information on this page about your sojourn with YPR.

Alessandro De Filippo, YPR representative


The area

All apartments are located in traditional, well-established neighborhoods, either within walking distance or conveniently located near public transit routes to the Institute. Travel times to the Institute vary but generally range between 15-30 minutes, depending on bus frequency and local traffic. Detailed travel instructions to/from the Institute will be provided upon arrival.


The apartments

The apartments have a common living area, 2-3 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Bedrooms are double occupancy. Each apartment is equipped with basic furnishings and supplies, including one single bed per student, 2 sets of linens and towels, closet/clothing storage space, typical Italian cookware and kitchenware, a table and chairs and furnished sitting area. Desks are to be shared by all occupants.

The apartment unit is provided with a washing machine and a TV. The apartments have a PC with ADSL access to the Internet as well as wireless access for those with wireless-ready laptops. A landline phone is provided for unlimited calls within Italy. Calls to cellular phones and calls outside of Italy incur additional cost, but can be made with a calling card (to be purchased in Italy). Unlimited incoming calls may be received without incurring any additional cost. The computer and phone are shared among unit residents.

All apartments are same-sex. No guests are allowed for overnight stays. YPR representatives as well as UARC administration reserve the right to inspect apartments with a notice of 24-hours.

Living room with the kitchenette

Foreshortening of the living room / kitchenette with the view on corridor and rooms

Corridor with parquet floor


Double room

Double room

Single room


The services

YPR provides a 24/7 emergency and security telephone line for emergencies, or just normal maintenance support, and a maid service twice a month.



Once you are in possession of the apartment, you are accountable for your behavior and that of those in your party. Your behavior should be considerate of others and responsible. Should you and/or your party behave in such manner that is not considered acceptable by civilized standards or your/your party’s behavior conflicts with our philosophy of polite and constructive international relations, YPR has the right to ask you and/or your party to immediately vacate the premises.