Italian I

This course is a presentation of Italian phonology, grammar and structure through vocabulary and situations of every-day life. The purpose is to give students the ability to communicate as soon as possible. There will be oral practice in class on pronunciation, intonation, elements of grammar and conversation and home assignments.


Italian II

This course is for students who are already familiar with the Italian language and have mastered the grammatical structures envisaged in the Level 1 course. There will be oral practice in class on elements of grammar and conversation, and home assignments.


Travel Writing

This course provides an opportunity for students to focus first-hand on the art and craft of travel writing, with particular emphasis on Italy. Through reading, writing, and visits in and around the city center, students will explore places of historic, artistic, cultural and personal interest. They will learn "by example" from a selection of great travel literature from the world in general, and from Italy in particular. And they will learn "by doing," via a series of guided exercises and assignments that explore the distinctive qualities of travel writing and the ways in which this particular art can lead to a deeper understanding of their own experiences and cultural identity.