The University of Arkansas Rome Center is conveniently located in one of the oldest palaces in the center of Rome, Palazzo Taverna (students’ entry on Via dei Gabrielli 90).

Palazzo Taverna first belonged to the Orsini Family and, in 1328, the site took the name of Mount Giordano, the name of Giordano Orsini, Roman Senator in 1341. The palace was referred to by Dante in his literary masterpiece "The Divine Comedy (Inferno, Canto XVIII)".


In 1688, after five hundred years of uninterrupted ownership, Flavio Orsini, burdened by debts, was obliged to sell the property to the Gabrielli Family, a very old and noble Roman family, that completed the unification of the complex building. The great complex of buildings was sold to the Earls Taverna of Milan in 1888 and they are the current owners.


The main entrance on Via di Monte Giordano opens its gate into the magnificent courtyard which still has the historical fountain surrounded by the various buildings forming the complex. The buildings today house many different activities, from private residential apartments to banqueting halls, diplomatic residences and artistic studios.


Palazzo Taverna has two wings: a Baroque one and and Empire one, with frescoes painted by Coccetti around the end of the 18th century.  In the past, the historic headquarters of the INARCH (Istitutio Nazionale di Architettura) were located in the Empire wing for about thrity years.



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